Sunday, February 26, 2012

Journal Quilting on Hornby

Last year, I taught my Journalling Workshop here on Hornby Island. It included a few new techniques, but most importantly, it introduced participants to the practice of working small and working quickly. Well, following the workshop, this incredibly creative group of quilters challenged each other to make one small journal quilt a month. The results are now hung around "Room to Grow" - the building the quilters meet in each Wednesday afternoon. Here are just a few of the results of the challenge, for just three of the topics chosen. The first is Travelling, or Taking a Journey. The second is Sunflowers. The third is Portals. I was invited to take part in the challenge, and have used some of my time here on Hornby to catch up with my entries. With more than a dozen people making quilts, they will make a terrific display at the annual quilt show
held the first Sunday in August. They are yet another example of the amazing creativity of women, who more often than not, greatly underestimate their own gifts.

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