Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Water Challenge Quilts - The Group formerly known as TheTamagawa Textile Artists

I returned this week from a quilting retreat at Honeymoon Bay Lodge. Eighteen of us, most of whom have been going on retreats together for the better part of 10-15 years, experienced a new venue for us, and it was a great success. Queen sized beds for all (no more bonking our heads on upper bunks), a hot tub, cosy common rooms and catered meals. It was great. There was even a massage therapist on site! It was great to see everyone, and what they were working on, and once again to vote on the challenge quilts. This time the theme was water/the coast, and it was interpreted in a number of
different ways. I'm only able to show you a few of them here. Some were in a 12" X 12" format, while others grew to be the size they wanted to be. We had winners in both categories - Gladys Love's in the "12 X 12 category" - its the last shown here, and incorporates a slice of stone from the Lower Mainland. Just gorgeous! And in the "Other size" category, the winner was Carol Seeley's polar bears. Her hand applique is exquisite, and the theme of polar bears who are becoming homeless as the polar ice cap melts, is beautifully portrayed. I feel so fortunate to be amongst these friends - such a creative group - twice
a year. Nothing like the creative energy that abounds at such a gathering.


  1. Wow! Those are all stunning. How creative to suspend the slice of stone like that.

  2. Wow - lucky you to get to be part of that creative energy!

  3. Lovely. I vome from Kenya and Seychelles...love your work. Woulf you consider a textile course in Seycehhlles dome time..please tell.me about your fees. Xxc