Friday, December 9, 2011

Quilters in Niger, and other news

Recently I received a very interesting email from Shannon - a quilter from Niger in West Africa. Her mother had purchased my It Takes a Village pattern in the US, and she sent me photos showing me a couple of ways it had been used with local fabrics, as well as telling me about the quilting going on in that part of the world. The first photo is Shannon's own design, based on an enlarged version of my African hut. Then there is 10-year old Micah, with his very own Village Quilt. And the third photo is of an auction quilt, made by Shannon's quilting group to raise money for a local school. Thanks so much for writing, Shannon, and telling us all about yourselves. It's pretty exciting to hear, and encouraging to us too.

Then there is this lovely photo of a very happy Nerissa (from the Comox Valley), the proud owner of this year's Opportunity to Own quilt. (I hope the dog is only invited onto the quilt on rare and very special occasions, Nerissa!) And the last photo is of our sweet Nora - now 5 months old and chewing on everything in sight. She's just delightful - smiling readily, gurgling and chortling, and especially happy when she is in her jolly jumper. I was able to visit her earlier this week, and to help out by looking after her for a few hours at a time. Now I am back home again resting up for their Christmas visit to us. One last note. When I posted the photo of Gladys's winning 12 X 12 quilt on my last blog, I neglected to link you to her own blog - http://www.fibresoul.blogspot,com/ - where she describes her process in making this piece. My apologies for not including that info earlier.

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  1. What beautiful quilts! I am incredibly impressed with Micah's Village Quilt.