Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hornby Island Quilt Show

On the August long weekend, I participated in the Hornby Island Quilt Show. Held at the farm of Eleanora and Heinz Laffin, it is a super outdoor event, showcasing the quilts made by members of the Hornby Island quilters since they last had a show (2 years ago, in this case). Quilts were hung on the sides of the farm house, on the walls of the guest cabin, under the apple trees, even on the outhouse. I was invited to bring items made by the Bitengye Designers, and had my own little corner between a double swing and the workshed. As in previous years, the sun chose to shine, and it was well visited by residents of and visitors to Hornby Island. The
day ended with pizza from the Cardboard Bakery for all the quilters and invited guests. I was thrilled when Nora and her parents (and my husband David) arrived just as things were winding up. I'll have more photos from this event and from Hornby on my next post.


  1. Looks like a really neat day!

  2. I'm always so sad that we're never on the island for the show. We've got the last 2 weeks of August there, though, and I cannot wait! I love your photos and look forward to more.