Monday, August 22, 2011

Hornby Island Community Quilt

Every year, the quilters of Hornby Island are asked to make a block for their community quilt. There is an overall theme - this year it was Hornby Island trees - and some of the fabrics are provided, so that it has a cohesive look to it. It hangs outside the co-op under a cedar shelter, and raffle tickets are swift every year. The beneficiaries change each year, but it goes to a Hornby Island recipient. Things like the new medical clinic, and the program to neuter and limit the numbers of feral cats on the island. The blocks are exquisite in their own right, and I felt sure you would enjoy seeing close-ups of some of them. Marg Bennett, Gayle Lobban, and Eleanora Laffin are the creators of three of these gems. The fourth quilter is not known to me. Wouldn't you love to have this hanging on the wall of your home or cabin? Just in case you're wondering why you've been hearing so much about Hornby lately, it's because after five years of owning a small piece of land here, and almost fifteen years of coming here regularly on holidays, we have just built a cabin here, complete with a sewing loft. It is such a gift to come here - so quiet and peaceful and
soul-restoring. And there's a wonderful group of quilters, as well as many other artists on the island, so I feel very much at "home".


  1. Hi Pippa, How lovely that you've got a cabin on Hornby now!! I'm on the island, too. I actually said hello to you at the market on Saturday but I didn't have a chance to give you any context as we both ended up having friends approach for conversation at the same time. With the cooler weather, I actually got some sewing done today. I wasn't sure we'd make it out of Ford's Cove after dinner last night when a tree fell across the road and was left hanging on the phone line!

    I will look for you again on Wednesday...

  2. Wow!! What a beautiful and amazing quilt. :) Thank you for sharing.