Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Canvas for Quilting

These photos from Donna James of Nelson, BC deserve an entry of their own. She took my African Sunshine class, and chose a limited palate of dark red, black, pink and sky blue. I honestly wondered how it would work out, but when I saw these photos, I knew she had succeeded. Like Amish quilts of old, her piece became the canvas on which she exhibited her quilting skills. All of it, right out to the feathers in the border, proclaim her skill with a long arm quilting machine. As someone who has limited herself to stitching in the ditch on this piece, this quilt was truly humbling to see. As Donna said, "Can you see now that I make quilts so that I can quilt them?" I see, and am full of admiration. She calls her version of African Sunshine "Kootenay Splash".