Monday, November 15, 2010

African Sunshine

Here is another version of my African Sunshine wallhanging. I've just taught this to the Fraser Valley Quilt Guild, and before that, to my home Guild - the Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilters' Guild. How's that for a mouthful! I am always intrigued and surprised by how well blocks made by different quilters work together into a whole. The sixteen blocks pictured here were all made by the Comox Valley Guild members. Seeing these should take away any trepidation individuals might have as far as mixing colours. Truly, just about anything goes. The last photo is of the same group after they'd reclaimed their blocks. And already I've had a report from one person in the class, to say that she has made all 16 blocks. As for me? I can't seem to stop making them! They're quite addictive.


  1. Beautiful! Inspiration to get back to work on my New York Sunshine (from your Whistler workshop) ... Thanks! - Paula

  2. Totally love this!! I will have to do one using my African stash! Thanks for the inspiration.