Friday, April 6, 2018

Almost There . . .

Today is Day 96 in the 100 Day Challenge I've been participating in since January 1st. So I'm almost there. I'm having to put all my energies into getting the last few pieces made, and to be firm with myself in not working on anything else until they is completed. For now I must content myself just thinking about and sketching other possible creative endeavours. So in that vein, I am choosing to share a few of my most recent compositions here.
When I have my solo exhibit at the end of July, I will be able to see all 100 of these small works together for the first time. I'm looking forward to that, and am hoping that the old adage that the sum is greater than the parts will hold true. But before that can happen, I must mount them all on canvases of the same size. (This is when I rather wish I'd worked on the mounting as I went, rather than leaving this job until the end!)
It will probably come as no surprise to those of you who know me, that I have used the bright coloured fabrics I have always enjoyed working throughout this project. Every once in awhile I tried to work with more subdued colours, but they never give me quite the same satisfaction. And I've considered using solids at times, but I realize that it's the texture provided by prints that I love.
A few of these daily pieces suggest expanding them in larger work, like this one with the yellow door. There is something about this one that really pleases me.

And the leaves will most certainly be making another appearance again. I do love their rounded shapes. And the trees too will reappear, of that I feel quite certain.
Adding hand-stitching to all my work has become part of my practice, and possibly the part I enjoy most. I so love holding it in my hands as I needle through the layers. And all of these small compositions include at least a little hand-stitching.
It's been a terrific experience taking part in this challenge, and I'm thankful to the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery for sponsoring it. What fun it's been to follow the Facebook page on which all the participants have been posting their own results, results that have encouraged me and prompted me in ways I had not anticipated. So good to be in the company of other artists, who are trying out new things and learning more about the work they want to make in the process. This is the life I want to lead and where I want to be and what I want to be doing, and I am overflowing with thankfulness that I'm able to do this very thing.

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  1. Congratulations, Pippa! I was just thinking about you and this challenge this morning, as I was out walking in the woods with the dog, thinking that I'd like to commit to a similar project. It's great to know that you've seen yours through to the end. I wish I could get out to the island to see the show in Ladysmith, but the chances are looking slim. I'd like to see how you mount your pieces on canvas, if you'd be willing to devote a blog post to the topic. Well done! Love those cheery colours.