Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What Comes Next?

The 100 Day Challenge continues. By the end of this week I will have reached Day 40, and I am determined to complete all 100 days. In the last week, I have made some more tree trunks from striped fabric, another windows composition, three more leaves and two more bare branch trees - most of those are shown here.
But I'm beginning to battle this desire to do something different. Maybe a few landscapes or perhaps a few abstract pieces. What I'm wondering is, would it be better to stick with my original concept of just trees and leaves and push that a bit further, or would a little variety make it more interesting, both for me as the maker, and for the viewer?
I had imagined a wall full of 100 leaves and trees, and that the entire composition would be stronger for the unity. This may still be true. The windows were introduced because I imagined looking out on a forest, or coming home from a walk through the forest. And because I like using windows in all my work. Hmmm . . . something to let simmer for awhile.
The bare-branched trees made with gently curving lines are also very pleasing to me, and I wonder about making a larger piece incorporating larger, longer trees made the same way. Perhaps when the 100 Days are over, I can explore this possibility.
Right now, though, I will do well to maintain the practice of making one small 5" x 7" tree or leaf each day. I know this has to come first each day, or I will lose the rhythm. The discipline of this is good for me. And instead of entertaining questions of doing something a little different, I should listen to the advice posted by my desk "Just Do It".

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  1. Congratulations on being 40% of the way through your challenge to yourself, Pippa! I'm feeling that "what next?" thing too, working to finish a project that's dominated my design wall since November but trying to listen to whatever's in the back of my mind telling me what to tackle next. As to whether to continue on your arboreal path or shift direction, I say do whatever will keep your well filled up. I look forward to seeing what you come up with, no matter what.