Saturday, October 31, 2015

Recheal Arrives at Canada House

What a happy day it was at Canada House yesterday, seeing Recheal walking across the grass, a full day earlier than we were expecting to see any of the women from the Bitengye Designers! She had to come to Mbarara on other business, and wondered if she could meet with us. Of course! It was just great to hear about the Clinic in Kikagate, which had its official opening last week. Furniture has been made for the reception area, supplies and medicines have been purchased, and patients have already started to come. She's had to partition the rooms so that she has enough. Three rooms have been made into six, as she allows for reception, counselling and maternity, lab, dispensary, examination room and office/storage. One of our tasks during this visit is to work with Recheal to develop an operational plan for the next five years. Yikes! Licensing will come first, and hiring of the bare bones but necessary staff, then training in record and book-keeping and that's only the beginning. There will be liaising with Healthy Child Uganda, and TASO (The AIDS Service Organization), and Kabyenda Hospital. But we're off to a good start, and look forward to It's so good to spend time face to face with Recheal, and to be able to ask her the questions that need answering, and for her to have the chance to explain to her vision for the Clinic.
(This post should have been on the blog earlier this week, but got lost in the drafts file. My apologies.)

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