Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall Visits to Vancouver and Victoria

After a week of travelling, I'm happy to be back home again, and ready to work on all those things that were put on hold while I was busy teaching. One thing that couldn't be put off during the fall, though, was Nora's quilt. And I came home via Victoria so that I could deliver it to her in person, and have a little visit at the same time. I think she liked the pink bunnies, as she was already dressed in coordinating clothes. At four months now, you can see that she's thriving - a happy baby, giggling away as her father (Ben) tickles her tummy. I also managed to fit in a visit to one of my daughters - Emily - and we had a delicious time walking through the leaves that were covering the ground - red and green mixed together - the aftermath of the previous day's storm. Another highlight was discovering a new fabric store - A Spool of Thread - at Fraser and 15th. It's actually called a Sewing Lounge, and is high and open and well lit, and full of bolts of modern fabrics as well as solids (which was what I was looking for). An inviting gathering place for young people to learn how to sew, with a full slate of classes on how to make pajama bottoms, or
pillow slips or bags. It was refreshing to see young people engaged in these activities, and made me feel as though the baton has been passed to the next generation.


  1. Nora looks like such a happy baby - how cute! And she must have known her quilt was coming and asked to be dressed appropriately! I'm so glad you got to the Spool of Thread - it is so refreshing to see younger folks enjoying sewing. I hope you found the greys your were looking for!

  2. Thanks, Janet. For your assessment (quite right!) of Nora, and for putting me on to Spool of Thread. I was quite excited by it, as you could probably tell. So refreshing.