Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ablade Glover and Ghana's No. 1 Taxi Driver

An artist who has been extremely influential in Ghana's art world is Ablade Glover. He had a special exhibit showing at the Artists' Alliance in Accra when we visited it, and the multitudinous splashes of bright colour are evocative of Ghanaian markets and crowds, so much so that you can almost feel the heat and the press of bodies going on around you when you look at the paintings. Or hear people calling out to one another, or small confrontations as negotiations on pricing take place. Everything is so fluid - always something new going on around you or coming towards you or up above you or down at pavement level. With simple lines and shapes and colours, the paintings achieve something that words alone can't convey. The two paintings shown here just give you a taste of his work. The man photographed below, however, is not Ablade Glover, but Harry Jo, Ghana's No. 1 taxi driver. He reliably took us everywhere we wanted to go during our week in Accra. His English was good and his sense of humour even better. So if you're ever going to
Ghana, give me a call, and I'll give you his phone number! (I promised him I would publish his photo and give you all this information!!!)


  1. Ablade's work is great. What took you to Ghana to begin with?

  2. ede bee keke.keep it up popiii.and train the upcoming(youth) artist.FROM: KATECO SHS.I LOVE ART.GOD BLESS YOU..AND MORE LIFE,,TO LIVE..TEACH ME PLSSS.AMEN.SYLVESTER ACQUAYE