Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilts made by Judy Morningstar

I have long been a fan of quilts made by Manitoba's Judy Morningstar. I was first introduced to her colourful creations while reading an early 80's issue of Quilters' Newsletter Magazine. Since then I have had the treat of seeing several more, as well as meeting Judy some years ago. I'd like to share a few of them here with you. The wall-hanging was made a couple of years ago, and features tiny screen printed batiks enclosed in wonky African huts. The "poverty piecing" she has used as her background works so well with the wonky huts. The two bed quilts were made more recently, and combine African impala fabric with other fabrics,
so that the impalas are shown to best advantage. I love the sun in the centre of the first quilt, and the red and orange bordered blocks. (The blocks themselves were actually made by Sheilla of the Bitengye Designers, and never made it into the tablecloth for which they were intended. Judy purchased these scrappy wonders from me, and in her inimitable way, incorporated them into the quilt. What a creative imagination she has!) Both of Judy's bed quilts were made on commission, for two children whose lives must be enlivened by such beautiful additions to their bedrooms. Many of you will remember a photo I previously posted, Judy's rendition of the Bitengye Designers. It's
fantastic. After the mid-March Victoria event which showcases the entire collection of quilts made by the North Island Quilters for Community Awareness, to raise funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, some very fortunate person will be hanging that particular quilt in their own home.

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  1. Love all the quilts she made. But I must say that the second one is definitely my favorite.