Friday, May 7, 2010

Ferns, Flowers and Other Follies

It has been about 6 weeks since I was in Moose Jaw, and I realize that I still haven't posted any photos from the Ferns and Floweres workshop that was held there. What is this with time speeding up so fast? Is this something that happens when you pass the midway mark? I've been to Winnipeg and to Calgary too since then, and hardly seem able to catch up to my own travels. I want to show you just a few photos from Moose Jaw - Works in Progress. And aren't they magnificent? Students looked out on a still-frozen landscape while working on colourful pieces - each unique, each magnificent - and the shapes and colours evoked memories of summer
as well as of happy and celebratory times. As I watched the various compositions evolve, I was once again amazed at the creativity and imagination of the workshop participants. A sense of play was abundant - the most important element of a workshop in which students are encouraged to give voice to their own designs. What amazes me is that while each participant in the workshop started with the same shapes, each piece created is unique. Such a testament to the creativity of women, of artists.


  1. And a testament to a great teacher and designer, too Pippa! These are beautiful quilts.

  2. WOW......
    It's a nice design.....
    Great job....