Monday, April 5, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

Monday evening, and our children have all left for their respective homes after spending a delightful weekend with us. There's nothing quite like looking on as five of our six adult children (and significant others) chat and laugh and exchange stories around the candle lit dining room table. And of course we had our stories too.

Of our time in the land of eucalyptus trees . . . .

Of the Bitengye Designers and how their lives have changed since they learned how to sew (this is Kamidah, pictured in front of her new plot of land).
Of the warm welcome and hospitality we were shown when we visited the Bitengye Designers in their homes (this is Lydia at her treadle machine in Kikagati).

Of the close encounters we had with new friends and the occasional elephant . . . .

And of the hard work being done by Alice and all the other members of the Bitengye Designers.

We've been home for a month today, and it has taken us this long to make that adjustment from our lives with the Ugandan women and our lives here in Canada. They are never very far from our thoughts. This coming week I will have the opportunity to speak about them in Winnipeg, and two weeks later we will be at Quilt Canada in Calgary, and I hope meeting up with many of you who have been following our adventures and supportive from your homes across the country. We have brought home some terrific fabrics, and batiks and beads. I hope you'll stop by wherever we are, and have a word with us.

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter Pippa. Travel safe and have fun in Winnipeg and Calgary.