Saturday, January 30, 2010

At Knight's home

Knight also lives in Rubingo, and we visited her in her tiny place, where she lives with all five of her children, and one grandchild. She was thrilled to show us the bed, mattress, and bedding she has bought with her earnings, even lounging on it to show us how comfortable it is. She has also had some bricks made, and hopes to be able to add onto her house in the next year, as well as to be to buy beds for her children, so that they can all sleep under mosquito netting. "It's hard to attach the netting to a mat," she told us. Knight served us fresh pineapple and kabalagala bananas and African tea, called chai. This is really hot milk with a little tea in it. All the women in the Rubingo area tell me that having Alice nearby is what has helped them most over the last year, that she has helped them solve any problems they have. When I asked Alice if she would like to continue as the Coordinator of the group, the others refused to let her say anything but "yes"!


  1. It's a wonderful mission you and Joan have undertaken Pippa. It's wonderful to read of the changes taking place in only one year! Self-esteem and hope are wonderful gifts to go along with the skills you're teaching these women. Carry on your admirable work, and stay well.

  2. Has Knight's son Isaac finished his mechanic's training? Does he have a job as a result?